About Northpost, Inc.

Mission Statement & Vision

Our Mission

To serve our customers by providing quality metal products and great customer service, provide our employees with a safe and enjoyable work environment, and better our community through acting out our Organizational Code of Ethical Values.

Our Vision

We are a family-owned business that aims to make a profit by focusing on great customer service, acting out our Organizational Code of Ethical Values, and providing quality metal products: start to finish.

Organizational Code of Ethical Values

✓ Relationships

  • As a family-owned business, we strive to keep healthy relationships with employees, vendors, customers, government agencies, and other external stakeholders of our organization. These strong relationships are what our business is founded on.

✓ Respect

  • Conducting business in a way that respects all stakeholders in our organization: customers, employees, government agencies, etc.

✓ Quality

  • As our slogan states, Quality Metal Products: Start to Finish, quality is a key pillar to the success of our business. Originating from founder, Don Ryan. He stated, “A satisfied customer is the best advertisement.”

✓ Safety

  • Safety of our employees and visitors of our company is of the upmost importance to us. A safe work environment contributes to the efficiency of our production and the image of NorthPost, Inc in the minds of our consumers and other external parties.

✓ Integrity

  • Doing what is right in every aspect of our business. This applies to the legality as well as the morality of the transaction. This can be linked with our value of Respect.

✓ Social Responsibility

  • Being a leader in our community. Volunteering through local food shelves, churches, school events, and non-profit organizations.